Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 11 JF

DAY 11-- Augst 6, 2011
Today I consumed the nutrients from:

+ 1 carrot
+ 1 celery
+ 3 leaves escarole
+ 4 large kale leaves 

+ 2 apples
+ 90 midnight beauty grapes

You'll notice that my selection was not as bountiful as it usually is.  I still have plenty of stuff to juice, but it's not very varied (Can I even say very varied?  You be the judge).  I basically have a lot of kale, grapes, and apples left.  No doubt tomorrow will show similar results since I won't be shopping again until Monday.  Boo.  Today was actually a really good day though.  I wasn't hungry very much at all.  Maybe my body has finally accepted that I'm going to be juicing for a little while longer.
I'm not sure why I think this is funny, but here it is.  For every juice I make there is my little 2 1/2-year-old Jasper there wanting a taste.  Without fail Jasper always takes a sip, gets a meditative look on his face, and nods his head and says, "yeah, yummy."  It's so funny!  My friend came over to dinner tonight (that is, she and her 2 girls ate dinner with my kids while I sat there sipping my overly-kaley juice) and I asked her if she wanted a sip.  She tried it and then said, "Jaida, I don't know how you do it".  Then, as if you cue, Jasper announced that he wanted some.  He took a sip, got that look on his face, and then said, "yeah, yummy".  After having tasted it herself, my friend was probably a little perplexed; I was just amused.


Bodell Family said...

I can't believe you had anyone over eating in front of you! It's one thing when it's you're family but this is someone who doesn't live with you and you cooked (maybe). Regardless, you are amazing!!

Jaida said...

I'm not really amazing at all. You see, I just put one of our frozen "meatloaves" (it should be called a lentil loaf, because it doesn't have any meat) in our toaster oven. I even cooked it in the garage (so the smell wouldn't be in the house). Pretty much I have this down to a science. And anyway, the person that came over was Jennie Ricks, and she's practically family. So... pretty much you're whole comment is voided. AHAHAHAHAHA I rule again.